• Driving to Valdez

    Driving to Valdez

    The mountains passes
    Celebration for the eyes
    Skier's domain
  • Amazing Roads

    Amazing Roads

    No cars for miles
    The mountains are white
    The sky is blue
  • The most northern point in Alaska

    The most northern point in Alaska

    Expeditionary Camp
    Most difficult drive
    Coldest place in North America
  • The home of the Winter

    The home of the Winter

    Skier's paradise
    Amazing ocean
    Awesome drive
  • Gorgeous Mountains

    Gorgeous Mountains

    Captivating the eye
    Unforgettable sites
    Mountains everywhere
  • Halfway point to Deadhorse

    Halfway point to Deadhorse

    Real Mushing Dogs
    Best view of Aurora Borialis
    Very interesting drive
  • Alaska's Spring

    Alaska's Spring

    Water is frozen
    Unimaginable sites
    Majestic mountains
  • Land's end

    Land's end

    Beautiful views
    Very cool drive
    Explore the ocean
  • Purest water surrounded by mountains

    Purest water surrounded by mountains

    The beauty of Haines
    Mesmerizing reflection
    Time is standing still
  • It's all about the road

    It's all about the road

    No traffic ever
    Drive like in a dream
    Mountains everywhere
  • Straight roads

    Straight roads

    See for miles ahead
    Enjoyable drive
    The skys are blue
  • View from Hurricane Bridge

    View from Hurricane Bridge

    Experience Alaska Rail Road
    12 hours of train ride
    Mingle with people living off the grid
  • The most beautiful place in Alaska

    The most beautiful place in Alaska

    Majestical nature
    Very good food
    The home of the bear
  • Most Gorgeous Place

    Most Gorgeous Place

    Frozen in time
    Paradise on Earth
    Bell clear water
  • Amazing Road to Haines

    Amazing Road to Haines

    Many trails and Islands
    Driving in a Fairy Tail
    You will want to come back
  • Alaska Railroad Conductor

    Alaska Railroad Conductor

    Last Wistle Stop Railroad in US
    9 destinations available
    Over 400 miles of Railroad
  • Driving to Haines

    Driving to Haines

    Watch the bears fish
    Meet the local fisherman
    Enjoy a fresh Salmon

Alaska is an amazing Road trip destination!

Alaska Destinations

Alaska is an amazing destination for a Road trip. We have driven on the roads of Alaska for two and a half weeks and traversed over 5,000 miles. We have enjoyed every one of Alaska's amazing destinations. This site is a brief report of our trip. All the pictures for this site were made by me or my wife.