Haines is located in the southeastern part of Alaska. If you plan to drive to Haines from Anchorage you will need your Passport as you will have to travel through Canada, crossing Yukon Territory and some parts of British Columbia.

According to Wikipedia Haines was established in 1880. It's a fairly small town it has a population of at most a few thousand residents.

Haines is surrounded by rivers from both sides. Chilkoot Inlet on the east side and Chilkat Inlet on the west side. The views from the town shores are breathtaking, you can see a few glaciers and a mountainous terrain.

Spring comes to Haines earlier than other parts of Alaska. There are many eagles and some moose. Following the Lutak road passing the Haines Ferry Terminal you will arrive at Chilkoot Lake and park. The park is magnificent in it's beauty. During summer time the bears come to fish and a careful observer can take close up pictures of this animal.

Despite being a small town Haines has a few surprisingly good restaurants. People of Haines are fishermen and they catch Salmon and Halibut. Some of the more notable restaurants are Lighthouse located at 101 Front St Haines, AK 99827, in which we had an amazing Salmon salad and fish chowder soup. The staff are very friendly. The Chilkat Restaurant and Bakery located at 5th Ave. Haines, AK 99827, serves an amazing breakfast. And in Fireweed you will meet most of the local people come to socialize at dinner time. Be aware that everything is closing early and if you didn't have dinner by 9pm you will probably have to wait for breakfast.

Haines has number of hotels or motels rather. We stayed at the Captain's Choice Motel. It's locate at 108 2nd Ave North Haines, AK 99827 and a room there will cost you about $100 per day after discount.

If you planning to visit Juneau you will have to pass through Haines because the Ferry is the only way to get there. The ferry to Juneau takes about 6 hours and is operated every other day. You can get aboard the ferry with a car.

We drove to Haines from Fairbanks. It's a 640 miles road that took about 13 hours. There are couple of places to stop on the road to get gas and have some food. The road has a few gravel patches.

There are a few places to stop on the way to Haines. Once you cross the border with Canada make sure to stop at a place called Beaver Creek. Beware that once in Canada the time shifts by an hour and the Inn in Beaver Creek closing at 10pm sharp. The next stop is Haines Junction. It's a little bigger than Beaver Creek and has a few more restaurants.

From Haines Junction you will turn onto route YT-3 South. The most beautiful mountain views will be laid in front of you on this road. Yukon Territory is a vast and uninhabited place. It has a lot of wildlife. You can see some of it if you venture up one of the hill trails. We met a herd of Rams one of those trails.