Homer is located in the southern part of Alaska in the Kenai Peninsula. According to Wikipedia around 5,000 people live in Homer.

We drove to Homer from Anchorage. The distance is about 230 miles and takes about 4 and half hours. The drive on Seward Highway is very scenic. While you drive alongside Turnagain Arm you can enjoy the mountains on the other side. Than the road goes more inland until Soldotna. The inland looks similar to any midwest region with malls and gas stations on each side of the road. After Soldotna until Homer the road is magnificent. You will be driving along side the Cook Inlet.

Most of the activities in Homer are related to water. It's a fishermen's town. If you would like to get to Seldovia the only way is via a ferry from Homer. Near the ferry terminal you can find a place called Land's End Resort which is the furthest you can drive. We had our breakfast there and it was very good. The sun showed up around 10am at this time of the year. It was hidden by the mountains before that. If you look at one of the mountains from Land's End you can clearly see a Panda's face, ask one of the waiters to help you find it.

If you are into fishing Homer is the place for you. It offers multiple fishing tours. Those vary from self guided tours of couple of hours to professionally guide tours of a full day or more. There is a large variety of fish such as Halibut, Lingcod, Rockfish, Sclupin, Salmon to name a few.

The water recreation options include Sea Kayaking, Cruises and Water Taxi Service. Life at the maria starts later. If you are there around 9am there very few people there. The best way to book a Water Taxi is by phone or email in advance. One such Taxi is Mako's Water taxi. Phone: 907-235-9055, Email: mako@xyz.net, Web: http://makoswatertaxi.com/.

Wildlife of Homer include Bears, Sea Otters, Eagles and variety of birds. There are many bear viewing tours that are available.

Homer also features healthy amount of Hiking trails including Diamond Creek Trail, Homestead Trail, Homer Spit Trail, Beluga Slough and many others.