The city of Valdez is located in the southern part of Alaska. It's adjacent to the Chugach National Forest in the Chugach Mountains.

According to Wikipedia Valdez was founded in 1790 as a portg and established in 1901 as a city. It's a fairly small with a population of about 3,000 people.

We drove to Valdez from Haines. The distance is about 690 miles and the drive took about 14 hours. Driving from Haines to Valdez we crossed Canada. You will need your passport for this journey.

About 20 minutes before Valdez driving on the Richardson Highway (AK-4 S) you will be crossing the Thompson Pass. Thompson Pass is the snowiest place in Alaska. Driving through the pass you will see magnificent views of glaciers, mountains and ravines. There are a few places to stop on a side of the road to take some pictures. There are number of waterfalls some of which are frozen. The road passes narrow places with mountains on both sides. It's breathtaking.

Valdez has a lot of winter activities which include heli skiing, snowmachine tours, snowmachine skiing, cat skiing and others. Black Ops Valdez has a variety of offers for winter activities.Valdez is a town of fishermen. It has a fish hatchery and presents plenty of opportunities for Sport Fishing.

Other activities include taking a helicopter to the Worthington Glacier or renting a boat from the harbor that might take you to the same destination. The helicopter tour to the glacier will cost you about $200 per person. The boat charges $200 per hour and takes about seven hours to get to the glacier. A boat can accommodate up to 6 people.

We have rented a boat for an hour and during this time we were able to see a Sea Lion, Sea Otters and a few Porpoises. The Porpoises followed our boat swimming side by side with it for a few miles. They were jumping out of the water the whole way and were in a very playful mood. The Sea Lion was warming up on the buoy. Our captain inched very close to it. My wife started whistling some melody and the Lion begun shaking from side to side as if dancing.

Valdez has a few hotels. We have stayed in the Best Western Harbor Inn located at 100 N Harbor Dr Valdez, AK 99686. Best Western also has a pretty good restaurant called Off The Hook Grill. The food was very testy and the staff was accommodating. There are rabbits that live in the proximity of the hotels. They are being fed by the people that stay in the hotel and occasionally can be met on the parking lot.

The best breakfast in town can be found in a place called Old Town Burgers located at E Pioneer Dr Valdez, AK 99686. This place is very simple but they make amazing biscuit and gravy and the reindeer sausage is very good.